If you've got any $5 bills in your wallet or purse, you're going to want to dig those out real quick because that $5 bill could bill worth $2,000, it's really easy to find out.

Kenny Eliason via Unsplash.com
Kenny Eliason via Unsplash.com

Your $5 Bill Might Be Worth $2,000, Here's How to Find Out

We always see things on the Internet talking about valuable quarters and pennies being worth thousands of dollars.

However, in the world of coin collecting, things can tend to get a little confusing. It often takes someone with a very keen eye who really knows what they're looking for to be able to truly know the coin's worth.

With this new information about valuable $5 bills, it doesn't take a trained eye to know if you've got one or not.

A lot of people think that old, worn-out, softbills lose value, but that is certainly not the case.

Unsplash Via Andrew Dawes
Unsplash Via Andrew Dawes

Usually in coin collecting, there are certain errors on the coins that happened during the minting process that lead to their tremendous spike in value.

Such is not the case with these $5 bills.

OK, so what do you need to look for to hopefully claim your small fortune?

It's all about the serial number.

From gobankingrates.com -

"This remarkable bill gained its immense value not because of its physical condition but due to a unique detail in its serial number.

The note carries a 'solid' serial number, which means all digits in the serial number are identical.

These types of bills are extremely rare and sought after, as only about one in 11 million notes have a solid serial number."

Unsplash Via Kenny Eliason
Unsplash Via Kenny Eliason

What you're looking for is a "solid" serial number like “G88888888A” or "B55555555C".

The first and the last letter doesn't matter, it's the eight identical, consecutive numbers that you're looking for.

Even if you have one of these $5 bills with the same eight numbers and it's in terrible shape and has an ink stain on it, it's still worth some serious money.

You can read more at gobankingrates.com.

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