Have you heard of Lotto N Crowd? The technology company claims to use proprietary algorithms to increase your odds of winning the Lottery. Let's take a look at how it works...

Lotto N Crowd
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Lotto N Crowd Claims to Increase Your Chances of Winning Lottery

Lotto N Crowd is "an online lottery service, helps players take part in the draws of the most popular lotteries" according to the company's website.

How does Lotto N Crowd do it?

The company, based in San Jose, California in Silicon Valley, says they have developed proprietary algorithms that can actually improve your chances of winning whatever Lotto game you want to play.

We're not exactly how that algorithm works because it's proprietary.

However, Lotto N Crowd doesn't just offer the tech that reportedly increases your chances of winning, they offer you the opportunity to play the Lottery in a very different way.

Lottery Ticket
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Lotto N Crowd gives you the chance to buy Lottery tickets from any store in Louisiana, and even buy tickets from any store in the U.S. where applicable.

The company also gives you the opportunity to buy tickets and be a part of a group of Lotto players from the same zip code to increase your chances.

From erlybirdincubator.com -

"Imagine you have a favorite lottery shop, but your job has moved you 300 miles away.

With Lotto N Crowd, you would be free to purchase tickets from your favorite shop from anywhere in the state.

And what’s more, is that you would be able to participate in group play with people from the same zip code, the same building, with other people at the local bar, college, office, or just for fun to meet new people anywhere."

If you've ever pooled money together at your office to buy Lottery tickets, imagine being able to do that with 150 people. That increases your chance of winning something 150-fold.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery

Want to poke around and check it all out for yourself?

Head over to lottoncrowd.com, and let us know if you use it and what you think.

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