Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 13th.

Oh, you couyon, you forgot you, huh?

Well, you better get to shopping because you never want to let your Momma not feel important on her big day. After all, she put up with you for all these years. She birthed you, changed your dirty/stinky diapers, fixed your little boo-boos, and most importantly, held your hair back while you puked after a long night at Cowboys.

Back to getting your Momma something for Mother's Day. You should do that. And it should have a card attached to it. It's what she would expect.

But she doesn't want just any old Hallmark card. She wants something lovingly hand-written.

Oh, you don't know what to say? Write from your heart. Or steal one of our great ideas. Aw yeah, these are great.

And here they are. You're welcome. Go thief one of these and put in your lil handwriting you lazy turd you.

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