We love taking Rouxfus to do fun stuff. It's always better when the places we want to take him actually let us take him there! Here's a list of some of our favorites places to take our Dawg. Please share some of your out-and-about spots for your pooch.

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    Girard Park

    500 Girard Park Dr. Lafayette, LA 70503

    Rouxfus likes to chase the ducks and geese at the pond. Every now and again we get him and up and down one of the many slides. If you haven't been to Girard Park in a while, you really should take your dog there. Plenty of room and very canine friendly.

  • Petsmart


    5700 Johnston St. Suite 100 Lafayette, LA 70503

    Most dog owners know about this one. We have a very nice Petsmart on Johnston near Ambassador Caffery. Your pooch is always welcomed with you while you stroll around picking up goodies and supplies. They do a great job grooming your four-legged pals as well.

  • Acadiana Cane Cutters
    Acadiana Cane Cutters

    Acadiana Cane Cutters

    221 La Neuville Rd. Youngsville, LA 70592

    Head on over to Fabacher Field in Youngsville this summer for the inaugural season of the Acadiana Cane Cutters. We plan on taking Rouxfus to a game or two. It's a beautiful stadium with lots of area around the park to take your dog. There's even a small playground next to the field and a pond. So if you got a lab or retriever that likes to take a dip, then you've got the place to be!

  • Camp Bow Wow
    Camp Bow Wow

    Camp Bow Wow

    114 Eunice St. Lafayette, LA 70508

    We took Rouxfus here before and he just LOVED it! You can click here and check out how much fun he had on his last trip there. They do day camps or if you're out of town for a day or two you can board your dog there as well. It's really a neat place that we're sure your dog will love.

  • Louisiana Office of State Parks
    Louisiana Office of State Parks

    Palmetto Island State Park

    19501 Pleasant Road Abbeville, LA 70510

    Stick this address in your GPS and head down to beautiful Vermilion Parish for a great day trip at the newly opened Palmetto Island State Park. We haven't taken Rouxfus here yet but the reviews have been outstanding. Do a little camping, catch some fish, splash around and just pass yourself (and your pooch) a good time, cher!

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