Whether you’re going Tiki Tubing with your ice chest and a couple of dozen friends or maybe the emerald waters off Destin are more your cup of tea. There is no doubt that Summer will soon be calling your name. You’re going to want the latest gadgets to be envy of the beach so let’s start there.

You’ve got to love this idea, a beach towel with a headrest and speakers built right in. It connects to your MP3 Player and you can remove the electronics so you can “wash that thang’ without goofing up your gear.

If you’re more of a top of the water kind of guy that loves to eat what swims in the water then here is your gadget, it’s a wrist watch / fish finder. That way you know where the fish are biting and when it’s time to cook them.

Back in the old days we used to take books to the beach but these days your kindle or ‘e-reader” as they call it might be your best buddy. Imagine lounging by the sea with the latest from John Grisham or a classic Hemingway tale? Wait those things are electronic and the ocean is wet! What to do! We’ve got the gadget here M-edge Guardian case. It lets you see the words while keeping the wet and the sand out.

Alright we’ve soaked up some sun, we’ve jumped a few waves, we’ve removed some of the sand from some not so pretty places it’s time for a drink. Here’s your next gadget prayer answered. A portable blender! The battery powered motor works anywhere and it comes with an insulator skin to keep all the frosty in your frozen drink

What’s a trip to the beach with out  pictures? It’s a trip you don’t have to worry about blackmail attempts but since we’re all gonna bring a camera, why not protect your investment with a waterproof camera case, the Aquapac lets you shoot on sand and sea without fear of voiding a warranty!.

Those are just a few of my favorites for Summer fun. I will see you on the beach, by the river or I will be that guy watching you through the telescope from the top floor of the beach house.