I don't know about you all but I'm some kind of jacked up to see my Parrain tonight! (That would be a fella named King George to those who haven't listened to the program in a while.) Let's do this thing. Here's five George Strait songs to get you ready tonight's party in the 'Dome!

  • "Adalida"

    The most Cajun-infused song George has put out to date. From 1994's Lead On cd.

  • "The Chair"

    Take amazing, dreamy, halo-like 1985 video effects and you get an epic song and video from King George.

  • "Check Yes or No"

    George never did many music videos but this may the cutest one (if you will). This song is off of his must-have Strait Out of the Box collection.

  • "Love Without End Amen"

    As a daddy, this song makes me choke up a bit now. One of the best country songs of all-time in my opinion.

  • "The Fireman"

    "They call me the Fireman, that's my name. Making my rounds all over town putting out old flames." Enough said.

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