Shortly before two this morning there was a brilliant flash of lightning that lit up the sky around Lafayette, Louisiana's Cajundome. Fortunately for thousands of music lovers, the Cajundome had just wrapped up hosting a stop by Blake Shelton's Back to the Honky Tonk Tour and most of the concertgoers should have been safely back home or at least to the place where they were going to spend the night.

Forecasters from the National Weather Service Office in Lake Charles had told us that rain and storms were coming and they couldn't have been any more accurate with their timing on the arrival of the storms. Most of the forecasts showed rain arriving in Lafayette and the I-10/I-49 Interchange after midnight, and that's exactly what is happening now as we file this report.

This is a screenshot from the National Weather Service Radar in Lake Charles. It shows a large area of rain and a pretty hefty storm moving through Lafayette Parish. The good news is that behind this area of showers and storms, there appears to be a bit of a break in the weather. Perhaps the morning commute to work and school will be made only on wet streets and without falling water to exacerbate the frustration of the morning drive.

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The showers and storms should exit the state later this morning. We should see partly cloudy skies with some sunshine returning later this afternoon. Saturday and Sunday should be quiet with partly cloudy skies and temperatures slowly warming to more seasonable norms.

There will be another rain and storm threat for Louisiana as we start the workweek on Monday. But as of this report, the Storm Prediction Center is not suggesting that next week's weather event will bring severe storms to the area. Although rain chances will be quite high for Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the work week will hold a smaller threat of showers but rain is in the forecast for each day next week.

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