Tonight is the night that Tracy Lawrence rocks the stage at the Delcambre Shrimp Festival! I am stoked and I hope you're geared up for a great show too.

Tracy has been one of my favorites ever since he hit the big time scene in 1991. He's country, folks, and he's never steered away from his roots.

I thought I'd get you all jacked up for tonight by giving you 5 of my favorite tunes by Tracy Lawrence. I can't exactly call it a Top 5 since I have many more favorites. But here you go, a few to get us all ready for tonight.

  • 1

    Runnin' Behind

    A few of us, well, a lot of us, can relate to this one. It was off his Sticks & Stones CD and was a top-5 hit back in the summer of 1992. It's been a favorite of mine since then and makes my list at #1.

  • 2

    Stick & Stones

    This is a good one ya'll.  "Sticks and Stones" got it all started for Tracy back in 1991. It was also the title track from the platinum selling cd. Good stuff!

  • 3

    I Threw the Rest Away

    This was never really a "radio single" but it garnered some airplay and a video of the song from a live album was played on CMT. He usually does this song live and I just think it's a song that most true Tracy Lawrence fans really dig.

  • 4

    Find Out Who Your Friends Are

    Most folks in Nashville thought Tracy was done. And then this came out in 2006. Take some of that you big wigs in fancy suits!

  • 5

    My Second Home

    One of Tracy's more fun songs from his second album back in 1993. The official video was pretty cool because a lot of the days country singers were in it. (Unfortunately, I couldn't find it on YouTube. Doh!)

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