People will tell you a dollar won't buy much. That's probably true but the "right" dollar bill could really increase your spending power. By "right" dollar bill I am speaking of a dollar bill with the numbers 9-7-3 in consecutive order in the serial number. Because one of those dollars when combined with the Dollar Bill Game on 97.3 The Dawg could turn that $1 into $100. Here are our suggestions.



  • Courtesy NICKO Sports
    Courtesy NICKO Sports

    Drew Brees Commemorative Football

    This item just became available as of Monday night when Drew Brees broke the NFL all-time passing yards record. It comes in a display case and everything and it only will set you back $99 leaving you with $1 left over from your Dollar Bill Game win. Order yours today from NICKO Sports. 

  • Courtesy Best Stop Supermarket Inc
    Courtesy Best Stop Supermarket Inc

    200 Best Stop Boudin Balls

    Based on what I can find at the Best Stop Supermarket website a dozen boudin balls make up a pound. The cost is $6 per pound. For $96 bucks you can get 16 pounds of pure pork goodness. If I did the math correctly that's about 200 boudin balls. Your cost? $1 with the Dollar Bill Game and you get $4 bucks back so you might play again.

  • AcadianaSocial via YouTube
    AcadianaSocial via YouTube

    Almost 30 Giant Loaves Of Evangeline Maid Bread

    Who doesn't love Evangeline Maid Bread? It's the perfect delivery device for boudin in the morning and it's great for sandwiches made with potted meat, Vienna Sausages, and more boudin later in the day. The giant loaf will set you back $3.28 at Walmart, you can probably find it cheaper at the thrift store too. So by our estimation, you could be looking at 30 loaves of pure Evangeline Maid goodness all for the price of the "right" one dollar bill.

  • neogeon via YouTube
    neogeon via YouTube

    6 New Iberia Haircuts

    When you don't want to have to open your mouth to let people know "you from da Berry" nothing works better than the Queen City's signature coiffure. If you think Sam is fantastic he'd give you that "Berry Buzz" for $15. You could afford six stylings and have money left over from your Dollar Bill Game winnings.

  • Staff Photo
    Staff Photo

    4 Pair Delcambre Reeboks

    Slip resistant, stylish, and in demand, that's what people are saying about the footwear that screams South Louisiana. The Delcambre Reebok, or white rubber boot, is a mainstay in Louisiana. You could wear them when you're shrimping or just walking down Ambassador Caffery Parkway after a torrential downpour. We found them for less than $25 bucks so with your Dollar Bill Game winnings you should be able to squeeze in four pairs.

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