Oh, Valentine's Day. You mean to be sweet, innocent and thoughtful. Instead, you are just one big nasty trap that gets so many people in trouble.

That may be why a lot of people have distaste for you.

A new survey reveals some of those things that happen on Valentine's Day that make some people cringe just a little bit.

Here are the five most embarrassing things that can happen on that special day of love:

  1. Getting a gift or card from a co-worker who has a thing for you, but you don't have reciprocating feelings. It's even worse if they give you the gift in front of co-workers who know you don't have the same feelings in return.
  2. Giving someone you're dating a gift and not getting one back.
  3. Eating alone in a restaurant filled with couples.
  4. Getting an obnoxiously large amount of flowers at work.
  5. Getting a card or present from a secret admirer, only you know automatically who that person is and you wish they didn't admire you.

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