Taylor Swift's reported breakup with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris most likely means a new album is on the way from the country superstar. (We're kidding...sort of, but I would bet money that songs ARE being written.) The singer has found huge success in turning her heartbreak into hits. Now, she doesn't kiss and tell in the traditional way, but Taylor is an expert at pouring hear pain onto paper.

If you're like me, you can imagine Taylor singing every one of Reba's hits. Reba was the original Taylor Swift... bottom line.

But she's not the first. Country legend Reba McEntire has been belting out songs about break-ups, make-ups and other relationship ups and down for decades now. The only difference is that her songs aren't particularly about herself. She recently went through a divorce herself, but don't hold your breath for an album full of songs about it. We imagine she's not that kind of lady.

...and now 5 REASONS REBA IS THE ORIGINAL TAYLOR SWIFT and they are all in the form of highly produced music videos. Here you go:


  • 5

    "Going Out Like That"

    This is one of Reba's more recent songs. She makes it pretty clear that she's in control of what happens during and after the big break up. Something tells me this guy needs to just get out of the way.

  • 4

    Does He Love You

    This one speaks for itself.

  • 3

    You Lie

    That hair though.

    Isn't a good lie usually at the heart of every dramatic breakup scene? Well Ms. McEntire is having no part of it. You tell the truth or get out.

  • 2

    Little Rock

    This song, which is not about the city in Arkansas, is actually all about the bling. Reba is not sitting around making small talk with the other wives. She wants to live her own life. Get out of the way.

  • 1

    When Whoever's In New England

    And taking the top spot... "When Whoever's In New England". Taylor Swift could basically play fill-in-the-blank with this one. "When Whoever's In SCOTLAND is through with you. And GROUPIES find better things to do..."

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