There is a judgment day a-comin'. I don't mean the pearly gates judgment day, I am speaking of St. Valentine's Day. The day when relationships are put under further review, to borrow a phrase from the NFL. If you're looking for love or wondering if the love you're in will last you might want to consult these superstitions. They make as much sense as taking advice from Cosmo, The View, or Steve Harvey does.

  • CenturyProductsLLC via YouTube
    CenturyProductsLLC via YouTube

    Don't Get Swept Over

    For this to happen you have to either be really slow or very poor at paying attention. The superstition states that if someone is sweeping with a broom and they sweep over your feet then you'll be single for the rest of your life. This superstition comes from the island nation of Haiti. It has to do with keeping a "tidy house". The tidy house is a metaphor for keeping one's physical and emotional spirit clean.

  • New 75 via YouTube
    New 75 via YouTube

    Don't Split the Pole

    If you and your loved one are walking hand in hand and approach a pole in your path. Do you both veer to the same side or does each of you go around on the opposite side? According to legend lovers who allow the pole to come between them will be broken apart. We suggest you agree on which side of the pole you're going to pass before you arrive there. Otherwise, someone could be pulled face-first into the pole at the last minute.

  • MovieCarScene via YouTube
    MovieCarScene via YouTube

    Hairy Legs, Happy Heart

    You have to remember that superstitions are founded in thought that was developed many years ago. There was once a time when being clean-shaven wasn't as accepted as it is today. Since the women of older times didn't shave their legs only the well to do women could afford long flowing dresses. Since the rich have a tendency to marry the rich you can see how this became a way of thinking.

  • Joe Salvemini via YouTube
    Joe Salvemini via YouTube

    Hiccups Can Reveal Your True Love

    The next time you get the hiccups think of your true love. If your hiccups stop then that individual is the one for you. If they continue then you'll need to continue your search for your soulmate. The ancients believed that hiccups were connected to the soul, therefore thinking of the soulmate would calm the inner soul. It makes about as much sense as standing on your head while drinking water. That's a hiccup cure by the way, not a true love barometer.

  • Dick Luria/ThinkStock
    Dick Luria/ThinkStock

    Watch Where You Sit

    If you're going out for an evening with friends you might take this advice based on superstition from Russia. There they believe that a single woman should sit in the middle seat of a long table instead of at the end or on the corner. It makes sense. That seat choice exposes you to more people and your potential for meeting someone increases. If the table is round then you are hosed, you might as well get up and leave, it won't end well.

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