I guess the proper title of this article would be "Four things you might not have considered that men might want for Valentine's Day and the one obvious thing they want for Valentine's Day and every other day of the year."  You don't have to read Cosmo or even Field and Stream to figure out what the one thing is. The other four might give you an idea of a special gift that you could bestow upon the hairy beast that sometimes mows the yard.

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    Intimate Encounters

    The great observer of life Jeff Foxworthy once suggested that for a man "a cold beer and seeing something naked" are all it takes to satisfy your common man.  This might come as a shock to you ladies but men equate sex with love. Whether that is right or that is wrong I will leave up to you and Oprah to debate. It is what it is. It might be in our DNA. It might what society has taught us. It might be we are all messed up in our thinking. It doesn't matter that's how most of us think. The redeeming quality is we want you to be a part of something that we consider to be very special. We are simple creatures.

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    A Couples Massage

    What?!?  Something from a spa for a man? For most of us Neanderthals, a massage is something we would never get for ourselves. A spa is a scary place for a man. There are lots of candles and fragrances that do not remind you of beer and barbecue. A couple's massage is a great idea because we have a guide into the softer side of life. You are that guide. We get a nice massage. You get a nice massage. We get to see you wearing not much more than a towel. We are simple creatures.

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    Chris Graythen/Getty Images

    Tickets to Something We Like

    For a lot of guys, the chance to go see their favorite team in action is few and far between. The reason we don't make that trek that often is usually money. Okay, there is one other thing. That thing is the fact that our time away could be held over our head and used as leverage to make us hang a piece of artwork over a door. When the tickets come from you it's like you're asking us to please go and have fun. That way if you try to leverage the gift we can always say it was your idea. We are simple creatures.

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    A Great Steak

    Maybe this is our true caveman carnivore side shining through, but every man I know loves a good steak. Some guys like to have their steak prepared by a steak expert in a restaurant. Some guys like to drop their meat on their very own grill in the backyard. The bottom line is we like steak. It's a man's food. Granted this steak doesn't have to be your Valentine's meal. This can be a special steak for another time. A great steak needs anticipation time to be appreciated. So set the date and stand back you might get drool on your dress. We are simple creatures.

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    Could We Just Skip Valentine's Day?

    Ladies, you know this for a fact, men hate being told what to do. Valentine's Day is the day when society tells men that we must show appreciation for the love of our life. We don't like that. We love appreciating you. We hate being told we have to do it on February 14th.  We want to bring you flowers, or candy, or sexy things when it's our idea. We don't want Dr. Phil or Ellen making us feel obligated.   Nobody likes to be told how to feel, when to feel it, and then be judged for whether or not they felt it deep enough. We are simple creatures.

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