Unless you have to travel for business most of us enjoy a night or two in a hotel. It represents a getaway from the normal. Many couples say spending the night in a hotel is quite beneficial to their romantic lives as well. Hotels do a lot of things to make us want to stay there. Some of those things many of us could do without. Here are five items that a recent survey suggested that we just don't use.

1.The Shower Cap- The only time I have really ever used it is to segregate a wet swimsuit from my dry clothes. I also used the  plastic bag that's in there for dry cleaning to accomplish the same purpose. The fact is most people use the shower cap for something totally different that the use it was intended for.

2.The Phone in the Bathroom- "Hey what are you doing"? " Me? Oh I am copping a squat" CLICK. There is no reason to have telephone next to the toilet. If you're that busy then you need to change careers. If you answer that phone while you're on vacation you are just plain strange.

3. The Mini Bar- I think a lot of us would love to use the mini-bar. Okay we'd like to use the refrigerator part of the mini-bar. I just can't see paying $4.50 for a Milky Way. It's cheaper to get in your car and drive to a convenience store than it is to use a mini-bar.

4. The Bible - Oh Lord forgive me. I always check to make sure it is there but I very seldom read it while I am on the road. I know I should but not telling the truth would just get me into more trouble.

5. The DVD/Video Games- Unless you've planned a trip to the beach during a tropical storm you better not pull the video games out. Your kids can do that at home and chances are they will find a great new game that you can't afford. It also prevents you from watching Wheel of Fortune which is paramount to a successful road trip.


I would have to say there are a lot of people who don't  use the in-room coffee maker, the "Do Not Disturb" sign and the safe. I have found the more I travel the more I use all three of these amenities as well. I also won't use a  hotel pool. A condo pool I am all in, but hotel pools give me the willies and the cooties and ear infections.

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