The LSU Tigers just paid Troy a lot of money to drive over from Alabama and kick their butts on homecoming weekend. That's got to be a pretty bad feeling. Losing is tough enough but realizing that you paid somebody over a million dollars to come lay the whipping on you, that's worse.

However, we believe we have found five things that would be worse than paying for a beatdown.

  • Clinton Lynch via YouTube
    Clinton Lynch via YouTube

    Lucky Charm Cereal With No Marshmallow Pieces

    That just sent a shiver down your spine, didn't it? Lucky Charms is only palatable because of the super sweet marshmallow shapes. Otherwise, you are eating really bad Cheerios and unless you're six months old nobody can tolerate that kind of culinary abuse.

  • Bethany Clarke, Getty Images
    Bethany Clarke, Getty Images

    Sitting In A Wet Chair

    This usually happens when you think Lady Luck is smiling down on you. You spy a place to sit at a crowded bar or nightclub. You make your way to the seat, you sit down, and realize you now have to defend yourself from questions of incontinence the rest of the evening.

  • Photo Courtesy of Kidz Bop
    Photo Courtesy of Kidz Bop

    Downloading The Wrong Version Of A Song

    You're getting your party or vacation playlist together. You've hit the download button on Family Tradition by Hank Williams Jr. and you are ready to sing that not so politically correct version of the song. Then you realize, you didn't download Hank's version. You've downloaded the Kidz Bop version of the song. Now one of your favorite drinking tunes has been damaged beyond repair and you're afraid the iTunes people will report you as being a child predator.

  • 4


    I know, you're thinking of waiting for a YouTube video to load or a video to start playing on a website. But there are other forms of buffering that are just as annoying. There's the buffering of the wife who's not ready to go yet, the buffering of the children who won't finish their chores, there's the buffering of TV shows that keep teasing you with the story you actually want to see but they never seem to show it.

  • Andreas Rentz/Getty Images
    Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

    Waiting To Pay At The Grocery Store

    You've gotten all of your items. You're placing your items on the belt at the checkout lane. The person in front of you is discussing coupons, apps, the sales circular, and can't figure out how to make their credit card work. All this time your ice cream is melting, your bananas are going brown, and your ability to tolerate any other human being is dwindling away. Ahh, good times. Then when you finally get to the cashier you have to smile as if everything is just fine. Oh and then you have to fork over your money.

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