We've often talked and written about all the great things you will see when you join us for Boots in the Sand this February. We have discussed the great musical acts of Billy Currington, Dierks Bentley, Brantley Gilbert and Jana Kramer. We have talked about the 9 world class restaurants and 6 different bars and lounges that you will have access too. We've talked about the fact that your wallet will not be needed once you arrive at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya in Mexico because your vacation is all inclusive. Now let's talk about some of the things you will not miss while you are there.

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    The smell of bus fumes, the thump thump thump of some jackwagon's stereo in the car beside you,you won't miss that. It won't be there at Boots in the Sand. You won't have to worry about red light cameras, flashing yellow arrows or the idiots who can't seem to figure out that blocking traffic while waiting to get into Chik Fil A on Ambassador Caffery really is stupid. These things will not be present at your Boots in the Sand vacation.

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    The only ringing you might be hearing is the ringing of your ears after each nights beach side concert. You won't have a boss beckoning you to come in early and stay late. There won't be any last minute projects but there could be plenty of after hours fun on the dance floor and beach. Down here PDA is not an electronic device, it's what stays between you, the one you love, and the beaches of Mexico.

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    Bad Food

    With 9 world class restaurants there is not a bad meal served at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya. The chefs and the kitchen staff will see that your every whim and want is taken care of. There are even choices for upscale dining too. Whether you want a surf and turf or simply a burger by the pool you will find it to be delicious and delightful. There are also plenty of healthy alternatives too if you are really into rocking that beach body.

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    Household Chores

    At Boots in the Sand, the dishes are not your job. The making of beds is not your job. The preparing of meals is not your job. Your job is to relax. You won't even have to walk to the bar if you don't want to. There will be an attentive staff member who will make sure that your only chore for the entire trip is to smile.

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    Cold Weather And Winter Clothes

    When you are this far south of the border the Summer time is endless. While your friends back home will be thinking in layers you will be wearing less. You will be letting the gentle Caribbean sunshine kiss away your winter blues with soft and gentle rays of warmth that you normally can't find in February. The search for chap stick and cold medicine will be replaced with sun block and Margaritas. Winter is much better in Mexico