There is still time to book your Boots in the Sand vacation. Don't wait too much longer to secure your luxury room and spot on the white sand beaches at all-inclusive, Hard Rock Riviera Maya Resort. I will be going on the trip to be your guide to all the fun. We aren't that good at golfing but we can sure show you how to sit by the pool or lay on the beach and drink.

Speaking of drinks, today we honor the stars of Boots in the Sand, Billy Currington, Jana Kramer, Brantley Gilbert and Dierks Bentley by suggesting some cocktails in their honor. Did you know that most states of these United States have a signature cocktail? In Louisiana we have the Sazerac . Let's see what cocktails we can order in honor of the home states of each of our stars.

  • Ed Rode, Getty Images
    Ed Rode, Getty Images

    Dierks Bentley - The High and Dry

    Coming from a desert state like Arizona the "High and Dry" seems like a natural fit. Dierks was born in Phoenix and I am sure he's probably had at least one of these signature mixes of Madarin Vodka and Triple Sec pass over his lips. Those in the know say mix these two together and serve on the rocks. It is suggested that one follow up the High and Dry with a Red Bull.

  • Andrew Goodman, Getty Images
    Andrew Goodman, Getty Images

    Jana Kramer - The Golden Cadillac

    This seems like a natural fit. A classy lady and a classy sounding cocktail that is a fond reminder of the grandeur of Jana's home state of Michigan. The Golden Cadillac has the snow covered look you'd expect but it packs the punch of another Michigan native Joe Louis. If you want to make your own or have your bartender whip one up for you in Mexico, here is what you'll be drinking. White creme de cacao, vodka, Galliano, blueberrries, water, sugar and lemon juice all blended with crushed ice and served in a champagne flute.

  • Kevin Winter, Getty Images
    Kevin Winter, Getty Images

    Billy Currington - The Scarlet O'Hara

    I actually don't think that Billy Currington would ever order a Scarlet O'Hara since well know he is pretty good at drinking beer. This signature cocktail of Georgia  pays homage to Gone With the Wind, the great book and movie about the total destruction of Atlanta. I guess you too could be like Atlanta and get all tore up with one of these concoctions that features Southern Comfort, cranberry juice and a hint of lime.

  • Jason Merritt, Getty Images
    Jason Merritt, Getty Images

    Brantley Gilbert - Booze and Coke

    Since Brantley is a Georgia boy like Billy we couldn't have two Scarlet O'Hara's so we went for the other official drink of Georgia. That would be Coke. There are so many things you can mix with Coke. There is Jack and Coke, Rum and Coke, or the Guardian Angel. You make a Guardian Angel with Crown Royal and Coke. It's like Brantley says in his new hit Bottoms Up!

  • Staff Photo
    Staff Photo

    Bruce Mikells - Mississippi Punch

    Okay I am  not a country star that will be performing at Boots in the Sand but I have to represent my home state too. Jude was covered with the Louisiana Sazerac for me it's Mississippi Punch. That would be an exciting combination of dark rum,bourbon, brandy/cognac, fresh lemon juice and sugar. It is best served over ice and out of an old Mason Jar or milk bottle. After two of these bad boys your I.Q. should be sufficiently lowered to the average state I.Q. of a Mississippi resident.

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