The prospect of a Caribbean vacation in the middle of winter is the stuff that dreams are made of. Boots in the Sand, the tropical getaway to the fabulous Hard Rock Riviera Maya all inclusive resort, will make you the bronzed envy of everyone who is the color of chalk this February. Did I mention this vacation comes with four incredible nights of chart topping entertainment? There will be performances by Dierks Bently, Brantley Gilbert, Billy Currington and Jana Kramer in addition to the sun splashed luxury and relaxation.

What makes this adventure even more inviting is the fact that prices have actually dropped in time for Christmas! You can now book your Boots in the Sand Vacation and save almost 1/3 on the price! In real money that is about $500 per person! Plus you still get the $400 in resort credit that you can use for golf outings, massages, spa treatments and sight seeing trips!

One of the joys of the all inclusive resort is your ability to enjoy the beverages of your choice as often as you want. Your bartender will be happy to mix, pour, create and concoct any libation that is in your imagination. If your imagination is limited when it comes to great drinks for the beach allow us to make some suggestions.


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    Whether frozen or on the rocks this sweet and sour tequila infused concoction will have you wasting away on the beaches of Mexico. There is some discrepancy as to how this drink made popular in song came to be. It is a blend of lime juice, tequila and an orange flavored liqueur that goes down as smooth as a sun set over the ocean. The frozen margarita is popular on the beach as it always stays cold right to the bottom of the glass. If you'd like to practice making Margaritas there are several great recipes that offer exciting variations. I would be willing to bet the bartenders at the Hard Rock know how to make a Margarita that will have you sitting pretty and feeling fine in your beach chair during the entire vacation.

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    As you sit in your beach chair and greet the morning sun on the fabulous Mayan Riviera you are looking directly at Cuba. It lies just beyond the horizon and that island nation, while not on the best of terms with Uncle Sam, has certainly shared a lot of good things with the rest of the world. Among those great gifts from Cuba is the Mojito. This cool refreshing, attitude adjusting, crowd pleaser will certainly change your outlook and make getting friendly with the natives of the Caribbean a lot easier. This libation is made from the bounty of the tropical climate. Your bartender will mix a nice quantity of white rum, cane sugar and sparkling water with some lime juice and bit of muddled mint. The Mojito was made to take the edge off of a tropical afternoon. You can learn to make your own Mojito or better yet get your bartender to create one just for you as you lounge by the pool in Mexico.

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    Pina Colada

    If ever there was a drink that screamed tropical vacation it would have to be the Pina Colada. This drink has been romanced in many hit songs. Garth Brooks even needed two of them they were so good. Pina Coladas smell like the beach. The wonderful scent of coconut and pineapple beckon the nostrils to take the brain to some place where the wind is warm and women are scantily clad. If you add the rum and the ice and blend it up nice you've got the next best thing to Kellie Pickler in your hands. Pina Coladas are a wonderful way for the non drinker to participate in the beach fun as well. Just leave the rum out and you've got a wonderful frozen drink that will make the  non-drinker feel right at home. My personal favorite attribute of the Pina Colada is the tiny umbrella and slice of fresh pineapple that will garnish your glass.

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    Bahama Mama

    The islands of the Bahamas are well to the east of our amazing resort where Boots in the Sand will take place. However the trade winds that blow from the northeast to the southwest no doubt carried this amazing drink from the beaches of Andros Island to the beach front bars of the Hard Rock Riviera Maya. The Bahama Mama is what I would call a friend maker. The Bahama Mama has five main ingredients, three of those ingredients are rum. There is white rum, coconut flavored rum and the 151 rum we mentioned before. To that potent blend of reality diverting liquid your bartender will add Kahlua and pineapple juice. It will be served over ice and you need to be sitting down.

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    Sex On The Beach

    Imagine my surprise when I asked for this and the lovely waitress brought me a drink. All kidding aside, a drink with a naughty name just feels right when you're on vacation. Sex on the Beach is a smooth combination of Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Orange juice, cranberry juice and Creme de Cassis. It's a fun drink to order in mixed company. "I'll have a beer and my wife would like Sex on the Beach". It's a great ice breaker and isn't that what you want your vacation to be?  While your Sex on the Beach may do nothing for your physical love life it will certainly enhance your love of life on the beautiful Caribbean shore while you prop up your feet and leave your boots in the sand.