The Make-A-Wish Foundation has done some wonderful things over the years. They have helped children with critical diseases realize their dreams, and sometimes their dying wishes. And just before Mother's Day weekend, 6-year-old California leukemia patient Mateo Toscano got his wish to become a UPS driver.

Mateo has been battling leukemia since 2017, and his mother Cynthia Toscano says he has always loved mail and delivery drivers since he was very young. His wish was originally pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic, but last week his dream of delivering packages for the day came true.

Mateo was treated to not only to his (very important) delivery job, but a limo ride with his family, and his very own mini UPS truck decked out with official decals. His mother told the KMAX/KOVR staff, via WAFB “The truck is a reality. He’s delivering stuff, It’s a nice conclusion to his journey.”

Mateo rode with UPS drivers on their route around Stockton, California, and even made a stop at Stockton City Hall, where he got to meet Mayor Kevin Hall. The mayor declared it #MateoDeliversHope Day and said “He’s an inspiration for just everyone. There’s hope, and your dreams do come true." Since its inception, the Make-A-Wish Foundation has granted wishes to over 315,000 dying or critically ill children. See pictures here and video below of Mateo's journey.



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