When it comes to naming your product, the Cajun culture has some of THE best names! I've put together my 7 best Cajun product names on the market. 

There are hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of great Cajun product names. Everything from seasonings, to hot sauce, to gumbo mixes, and marinades. I'm not rating these products by how good they are. I'm putting them in a list of the best NAMES. These are my best 7 out of the ones that I know of. If I missed one, feel free to let us know what it is. Click on the product headlines to learn more about the products, or purchase some for yourself!

Slap Ya Mama is a popular seasoning around these parts. The commercials are pretty great too. There's also a Punch Ya Daddy seasoning. I put these two together because they're apparently both so good they make you want to commit domestic violence?


While Boudreaux's Butt Paste isn't made in Louisiana anymore, it was born and thought of here in Louisiana. This one too is quite the popular product. And it took some good ole Cajun gumption to name a product anything butt paste. But the Boudreaux name is what makes it eligible for this list!


Swamp Pop is a pretty new product that is gaining a lot of attention around the state. It was also created by two very entrepreneurial fellows around town, John Peterson (co-owner of Genterie Supply Co.) and Colin Cormier (owner of Viva La Waffle)  They have several different unique flavors of soda pop. The name, of course, is the best name for a soda pop product around here, as it plays on the genre of music.


Dat Dip is a pre-made crawfish dip. It's great for those that don't feel like making the dip after passing through one of the many boiled crawfish restaurant's drive-thru's. Also great for "foreigners" who don't know how to make it. And you can just hear your Paw Paw yellin, "Pass me Dat Dip!"


Dat Jake Shake w/ sea salt just made me laugh when I read the name...and then I saw the packaging! It's pure genius. It's so simple, but just makes so much sense. The cartoon body with, who I can only assume is "Jake"'s real head.


Bayou Butt Burner was one that I hadn't heard of before. Aaron Lane told us about it when we were discussing the best Cajun product names. I couldn't pass up putting it on the list even if it wasn't real...except, it's totally real!


Yes...Bon CaCa. If you're from around here, then you can probably translate what that means in English! This, ladies and gentlemen is the best Cajun product name that I've ever seen. It's a seasoning. That's all you need to know. Now excuse me while I order myself some Bon CaCa.

Once again, click the product headlines to learn more about the products, or purchase some for yourself!

Special mentions goes out to Cajun Power. I mean, it's right there in the name, and they make a great bunch of products. Also, Swamp Seeds, the Brother-In-Law product line, Andy-Roo's, and Who Dat? hot sauces.

I know we missed some. What are your favorite Cajun product names that are out on the market?