***NOTE: This was originally published in June 2016. Would love to hear about your favorite place if it's not on this list.***

On the morning show yesterday we got to talking about one of our favorite summertime treats in south Louisiana -- a good ole fashioned snowball!

Bruce and I are fans of these sweet treats but knew there were several great places in Acadiana that we haven't tried. And that's where you came in to help out.

Here are the seven places you, our 97.3 The Dawg listeners, said are the best places in Acadiana to get a snowball.

  • Meaux Sneaux Shack, Facebook
    Meaux Sneaux Shack, Facebook

    Meaux Sneaux Shack

    7520 La Hwy 343 Maurice, LA

    The top vote-getter by far turned out to be a place neither Bruce nor I have frequented. There's a fairly good reason. The "Shack" is less than a year old. But you guys have obviously fallen in love with the place! I'm looking forward to trying out the strawberry cheesecake snowball. It looks amazing!

  • Cajun Sno, Facebook
    Cajun Sno, Facebook

    Cajun Sno

    4303 Johnston St Lafayette, LA

    Many of us know Cajun Sno and have visited a time or two. That's the place in the parking lot next to Don's Seafood Hut that always has a line of cars. Yeah, that's usually a good sign that it's a pretty good place. I went there just last week. Had a good ole spearmint and it was fantastic.

  • Picasa, Facebook
    Picasa, Facebook


    952 S Main Street St Martinville, LA

    If you're in St Martinville, you know all about this institution. For the rest, here's a little history lesson about the place:

    Babe's Snowballs is named for "Baby" Robertson. His mother "Miss Pearl" was the founder of the snowball stand and her children including Baby have been making snowballs on the southside location in St. Martinville, Louisiana since 1949.

  • Tabitha Slaughter Fuseilier, Facebook
    Tabitha Slaughter Fuseilier, Facebook

    Isis Snowcones & Mo'

    11th Street Crowley, LA

    OK, I've seriously been missing out on this one. I mean they serve snowballs in hollowed out watermelon and pineapples! Just take my money already!!

  • The Big Chill, Facebook
    The Big Chill, Facebook

    The Big Chill

    1288 Rees Street Breaux Bridge, LA

    A fixture in the Crawfish Capital for quite some time now, The Big Chill serves up over 90 flavors, plus nachos, frito pies and hot dogs. And another place that does a killer strawberry cheesecake snowball!

  • Crawfish Boss, Facebook
    Crawfish Boss, Facebook

    The Crawfish Boss

    6830 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy Broussard, LA

    I passed by this place last Saturday around 7pm and there was traffic into the road. Again, usually a good sign that a place is beloved...and they've only been open since the end of last year! You guys had me at "Loaded Reese's w/Cheesecake". Yum yum!

  • Denise M Desormeaux, Facebook
    Denise M Desormeaux, Facebook

    Snowball Factory

    1214 Center Street New Iberia, LA

    I don't think I've had the pleasure of visiting Snowball Factory in the Berry, but from the pictures I've seen, I sure want to. Apparently their ice is a nice consistency and they even have stuffed snowballs!

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