Louisiana is an interesting place. There are some pretty interesting and strange Guinness World Records too. Put em together and you get some fun stuff! Take a look at these 7 Louisiana World Records currently on the books.

You can see all of these and more over at guinnessworldrecords.com and even submit your application to set a new one.

1) First Louisiana Self-Made Millionaire - Cosmetician Madam C. J. Walker became Louisiana's first self-made millionaire in 1913. Walker, an orphan from Delta, La created specialized hair products for African-American hair.

2) Most People At A Crawfish Boil - The most people to ever attend a crawfish boil was set May 27th, 2012. The record was set by the LSU Alumni Association in San Diego at Qualcomm Stadium. 3,339 people attended and ate 18,000 lbs of crawfish. If you want to break this World Record, be sure to save us a seat.

3) Largest Serving Of Gumbo - This record was set in Larose, LA in November of 2015. Braud & Gallgher cooked up and served  5,800 lbs of gumbo. Make sure to save us a seat if you're looking to break this record too.

4) Largest Toothpick Sculpture - Michael Smith from Prairieville holds this world record. Smith created a 15 foot long alligator, made from over 3 million toothpicks in March of 2005.

5) Largest King Cake - This bad boy weighed in at over 4,073 lbs. It was baked by Haydel's Bakery at the Superdome in 2010. This king cake wrapped completely around the Superdome and took almost four days to complete.

6) Most People Twerking Simultaneously -  New Orleans native Big Freedia made this one happen in November of 2014. 406 people twerked at the same time to set this world record.

7) Largest Voodoo Doll - Catherina Williams made a 21 foot, 8 inch tall voodoo in 2010. Her world record holding voodoo doll was blessed by a real voodoo priestess.


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