Living in South Louisiana, floods are something we all have to deal with at some point. All I can think about is, there has got to be a better way other than sandbags. Sandbags do work fairly well and are cheap enough for cities to offer them free when needed. However, It's 2019, and you would think we would have come up with something better by now. I've been researching the internet for the past few weeks, and here are some decent things I've come across in dealing with flood waters.

Sure, some of these are just too costly for the average person to have access to when it starts to flood, but, Cajuns are among the most inventive people on Earth. I wanted to wrangle these ideas in hopes of starting a conversation that might lead to something.

I know I'm not smart enough to solve this problem, but I know you are. Hopefully, by seeing these ideas, it might spark something in you that could eventually save people a lot of heartaches.








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