What do you think about when you're alone with just your thoughts? I tend to think of things that have no major consequence on anything in particular. If I could channel my energy I might create a beautiful poem or song, maybe write an inspiring novel or short story, or even devise a way to bring peace to the world. Nah, I will stick with the stupid stuff. I am more comfortable writing what I know.

  • Sean Gallup, Getty Images
    Sean Gallup, Getty Images

    My PIN & My Password

    My email password has to be eight characters that are a mixture of upper and lower case letters and symbols. My PIN which could lead you to my life savings is only four numbers. For some reason, we all seem to be okay with that arrangement.

  • Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
    Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

    Why Do We Clean That?

    Medical science has proven that cleanliness is a major concern when it comes to our health. If we aren't particular about sanitizing the tools our medical professionals use it could kill us. Yet, they use a sterile needle when they give someone a lethal injection. Seems to me like they could just keep reusing one needle for every job.

  • Staff Photo
    Staff Photo

    The Real Truth About Plastic Wrap

    You could be the most intelligent person on the planet. You could have fame and fortune beyond your wildest dreams. You will still look very inept anytime you try to use plastic cling wrap to cover a dish or unwanted guest. This stuff is harder than common core math to figure out. It seems to stick to everything but what you need it to stick to.

  • Martin Hunter/Getty Images
    Martin Hunter/Getty Images

    The Similarity Between Cars And Cows

    Let's play Charades! You know the game where you act out an action and others try to figure out what you're doing. First, act like you are driving a car. Now, act like you're milking a cow. Do your actions seem very similar to the actions you just performed? I thought so.

  • David McNew/Getty Images
    David McNew/Getty Images

    The Self Checkout

    When I use a cashier to pay for my items that individual is paid a wage to do the job. When I scan my own items the store has no additional cost. Shouldn't I get some compensation for scanning my own groceries? And bagging them? And taking them to my car?

  • iStock

    About Dogs And Jobs

    I am pretty sure my dog's job is to sleep and eat all day. He's not required to do much more. Therefore when someone says they are working like a dog shouldn't that mean that they really had the day off?

  • TasteofCountryStore.com

    This Would Break The Legal System

    You've seen the signs in stores that say " you break it you buy it" right? What if your 15-year-old is in the grocery store and she accidentally breaks a bottle of booze? Technically she broke it but legally she can't buy it. I'd like to see the courts try and figure this one out.

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