7-year-old and first-grader Kamryn Gardner may be the reason girl jeans from Old Navy will have real, working pockets in the future. And it all started in a classroom at Evening Star Elementary in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Kamryn and the other first-graders at Evening Star Elementary were practicing the art of persuasive letter writing. Little Kamryn decided she would use her skills to send a hand-written letter to Old Navy asking them to make girl jeans with real front pockets and not fake ones.

I want real front pockets because I want to put my hands in them. Would you consider making girls' jeans with front pockets that are not fake? Thank you for reading my request.-Kamryn Gardner

Old Navy sent little Gardner four pairs of jeans with real pockets and a thank you note

Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Thank you so much for taking the time to write us about pockets on girl's jeans. The Old Navy kids product team appreciate your information. It's great feedback for us as we develop new product.-Old Navy

Congratulations to Kamryn Gardner for recognizing an everyday item that could be made better and for teaching the world that you're never too old or too young to create change.

Young girls for years to come might just be able to actually put their hands in working pockets on jeans from Old Navy. They may never know that it's all because of a 7-year-old from Arkansas named Kamryn Gardner.

A big thank you to teachers all over the world who create a learning environment designed to engage young minds to think out of the box.

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