For a man to understand a woman he will eventually have to learn the language of shoes. I don't speak that language but my wife ,Jill, does, my co-host Krista does, my good friend, part-time DJ and full time TV anchor lady Tracy Wirtz does too. What is it about decorative foot covers that can turn rational intelligent women into quivering puddles of open-toed goo?

there is one pair of shoes out there which can be perfectly worn with everything – from the skinniest jeans, the flirtiest dresses or even with the most drab business suit that you have.Check out our list of the 7 hottest pair of shoes for this fall and share with us which pair would be “it” for you.

Alright ladies, let's hear what you think about these shoes. I know some you are going to love, others you are going to hate and most importantly you are going to get to do a little shoe dreaming in the process! Enjoy!

(via 7 Hottest Pairs of Shoes | All Women Stalk.)