The Garth Brooks World Tour is invading Cajun Country this weekend and we at 97.3 The Dawg could not be more excited to see the man live in concert!

We know you are too. Many of you have reached out to ask us how you can get Garth's attention. Perhaps to get a special shout-out from the stage or get him to recognize something special about you or a loved one.

Our suggestion? Try making a poster! We've seen it time and time again at Garth shows. He acknowledges someone from the sign they made.

It just happened at his last tour stop in Montana when he found out a young man who is an aspiring musician himself, played the same model guitar as Garth. As a result, Garth gave the fella the guitar he was playing!

Now, while we can't guarantee any of our poster ideas will get you any goods from the G Man, if he does see you holding one of these signs, it may just give him a good chuckle. (After he turns his head sideways like a confused dog.)

Feel free to borrow/steal any of our amazing ideas! ;) And we'd love to hear your ideas. Send those into us and we may just add yours to the list. The possibilities really are nearly endless.

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