Oh, you thought Garth Mania was over? Not even close! This Friday and Saturday Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood return to the Cajundome to give you what will be the best concert you'll ever see in your life. There are many traditions when it comes to attending a Garth Brooks show, one of those being the signs fans make for Garth to see from the stage. We saw hundreds of fantastic signs this past weekend, and decided to give you a few pointers we think might help you to get Garth to notice your sign.

1) Font Size - Remember when you're making your sign, Garth and Trisha will be quite a bit away from you, even if you're pretty close. Make sure you write on your sign with big, bold letters so they can see it easily.

2) No Lights - If you adorn your sign with lights, even if they're the size of a regular light bulb, chances are whatever you write won't be able to be seen. The light will wash out the words on the sign. Also, the Cajundome wont really be that dark so the lights probably won't help to get you noticed. It's a lot of time and effort that will most likely be wasted.

3) Color Choice - You want to choose the colors of your poster board and the color of what you write with so that they're as contrasting as possible so it's super easy to read.

4) Don't Choose The Obvious - If you make a sign to try and get Garth to play "Friends In Low Places" or "Shameless" you're wasting your time. He's going to play those songs anyway. Choose something less obvious like "Burning Bridges" or  maybe "One Night a Day".

5) Use Both Sides - Your poster board has two sides, so why not use both of them? The flipping of your poster board will help to get his attention as well.

6) Don't Use Cajun Phrases - Sure, it's how we talk, but chances are Garth won't have any clue what you're trying to say. He's got to work quick and if he can't easily figure out your sign, he's moving on to one that he can.

7) Rest - Remember to only use your sign only when Garth has an actual shot at seeing it. If you just hold your sign up all night, it will just become invisible and unnoticeable.

8) Far And Few Rule - OK, this is a rule I just made up, but you should use it. The farther away you are, the fewer words you should use. It will also allow you to make those words bigger and bolder, therefore giving you a better chance of being seen.

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