98-year-old Jack MacDonald of Seattle, Washington was known as quite the frugal man. He lived in a modest retirement community and according to friends, he clipped coupons, hated paying for coffee and even wore sweaters with holes in them.

In September, Mr. Jack sadly passed away. It wasn't until then that everyone got a huge shock -- Jack MacDonald was loaded!

It turns out that Jack worked as a lawyer and made a bunch of money in the stock market.

Where did all his fortune go to after his death? Yep, you guessed it, charity!

Last week, his estate revealed that Jack left the majority of his money to three charities: The Seattle Children's Hospital, the University of Washington School of Law, and The Salvation Army.

The grand total was just under a whopping $188 million, which makes it one of the largest charitable donations in the United States this year.

According to his stepdaughter, Jack preferred letting people think that he was broke so he didn't get hit up for money all the time. He was buried in his family plot in Ontario, Canada and requested there not be a memorial service.


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