There is a line from a song I am quite partial too that says Don't try to describe the ocean if you've never seen it, in other words, don't expect people to learn from experiences they've never had. Teaching kids how to manage money is a lot like pushing a rope. You can do it, it's frustrating and quite often you wonder why you're even trying. Still in the long run that extra time and extra money you put in the hands of your teenager can teach them a lot about how to manage their own funds. I am not advocating free hand outs to people that don't deserve it. We've got the United States Government for that job already. What I am advocating is giving kids enough of an allowance where they can realize the value of saving and spending with a certain degree of wisdom. They are kids, they will make mistakes but it's easier handle a 20 dollar mistake than find out you've been cosigned on a car that is about to be repossessed.