Value of $100
Cost of living varies vastly from state to state and the good folks at the Tax Foundation recently took a look at how much or how little 100 bucks is worth depending where you live.
Is Louisiana Paying the Most for Electricity?
Turning up the dial on your thermostat in the fall and winter months is bound to add major coin to your electric bill, so you power through. Unless you live in Utah, and then you really have nothing to worry about, according to new data released this week.
The Real Truth About Money, What You Should Tell Your Kids
Money, it's transportation, it gets you where you want to go. The more you have the faster you can get there. It doesn't make you smarter but you can sure seem like a dummy if you don't know how to watch your pennies. Your kids need to know about money too. Oddly enough, keeping them without money is not the best way to teach them responsibility. You need to be upfront and truthful with your child
You’re Throwin Money Away! 5 Easy Ways To Stop It
You and I we work hard for what we have. We all wish our paychecks were a little bigger and our bills were a little bit smaller. We want good things, nice things and things our families can be proud of but still at the end of the month the bank account is a lot smaller than we want it to be. The truth is we might be tossing some of that hard earned cash right down the drain, not literally but wher
A Bigger Allowance For Your Teen? The Experts Say Yes
There is a line from a song I am quite partial too that says Don't try to describe the ocean if you've never seen it, in other words, don't expect people to learn from experiences they've never had. Teaching kids how to manage money is a lot like pushing a rope. You can do it, it's frustrating and quite often you wonder why you're even trying.
Make Taxes Less Taxing
If you work for a living you pay taxes. That means April 15th is a day you always make a note of on the calendar. The American Tax Code is very confusing, that's why companies make lots of money doing all the work for you. The government certainly isn't making it any easier this year!
Prices Going Up? We Got You Covered
Certain politicians, well okay all of them, said I would be making more money this year. I would have more money to spend on the things I need and want. They didn't tell me the things I need and want would cost more than the more money I would be making.

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