You ever watch these house-hunting shows on TV and have those jaw-dropping moments when some couple in California buys a three bedroom home for $800,000? You know, the same home that would be like $250K in Cajun Country!

Cost of living varies vastly from state to state and the good folks at the Tax Foundation recently took a look at how much or how little 100 bucks is worth depending where you live.

As expected, the states where your Benjamin Franklins are worth the least are California and New York where $100 is only worth $89.05 and $86.73 respectively.

In the south and midwest, money tends to go a bit farther. Residents can buy much more in Mississippi with $100 than any other state ($115.21), followed closely by South Dakota, where $100 is worth $114.16.

Louisiana is not too bad either. In the Bayou State, our $100 is worth a solid $109.65.

Makes you want to try to figure out a way to make the money in California but come spend it in Louisiana!

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