Love has a language that needs no words. Poets, priests and politicians have always struggled to find words to speak from the mouth that only the heart can knows how to say outloud. Love is language of actions, soft,subtle and sweet.

The child in this video has Downs Syndrome. Some would say that condition will inhibit his ability to have a rich and fulfilling life. I would say it depends upon your definition of rich and fulfilling. This young man and this sweet dog appear to be enjoying all the riches and blessings of a very special moment.

At first the boy is a bit shy and withdrawn from the dog's advances. The dog senses this and continues her approach with a softness and kindness that much certainly be ordained from a higher power. In the end a new friendship is born.

Far to often we discount the abilities and feelings of those that we perceive as different from our definition of  normal. The beauty of the experience that we call life seems to lie in the celebration of those differences and the connection that we have on the planet with all living things. There is a lesson here; love is patient, love is kind and it connects all creatures great and small.


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