When events in Baton Rouge unfolded in such a way that the LSU football program was going to be guided by Ed Orgeron I was truly excited. Except for the dark years, I have always appreciated Coach O for so many other reasons than football. He seems like such a genuine guy.

Ever since Coach O took over the reins at LSU he has closed out every interview or media conversation that I have ever heard with the phrase Go Tigers. Except he doesn't pronounce it that way. He says it the way it should be said.

Like a lot of things we do here in Louisiana, the national sports media doesn't seem to know what to do with Ed. He truly is a character but that could be said about a lot of us who hang out in The Boot.

The national media also underestimated Ed and his ability to motivate and educate young men on a football field. So maybe that parting remark is also a classier way of suggesting, "I told you so".  Nah, that;'s not Coach O's style. He was raised right. Besides football fans in Louisiana, the most educated football fans in the nation were more than okay with Orgeron's hiring.

I have found that this video is the perfect e-gift for a fan of any other SEC Football team that you know. I think they would delight in hearing Coach O saying Geaux Tigahs over and over. Does anyone have Coach Saban's email?

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