Cigarettes, a lot of people are trying to forget them this time of year. I applaud you for doing that if you are trying to quit. If you're not trying to quit you can at least learn to do some tricks to entertain us nonsmokers when you light up.

Cigarettes have often been used as dramatic props in movies. The slow billows of smoke coming out of the nose of Humphrey Bogart or seductive poses of Lauren Bacall with a cigarette dangling from her lip are the stuff of movie legend.

Smoking is a very costly habit. It costs a lot to buy cigarettes and the health care cost have been very well documented. There are a lot of reasons to quit but stopping smoking is one of the hardest addictions to break.

If you are trying to quit, I wish you well. If you aren't why don't you learn some cool tricks like this guy? He does some rather artistic and theatrical moves that are borderline dangerous just to get the Camel fired up for smoking.

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