I have very little interest in today's Big Game. I don't care for either of the teams that are performing in 'Footballmania XLIX'. I don't even have the commercials to look forward to. They have all been previewed on the Internet.

So I basically have the afternoon to watch a movie. I am not a big movie person and that is where I could use your help.

"It's a movie you have got to see!" I have people tell me that all the time. Most of the time I don't follow their advice and I end up in the dark, no pun intended, about what a lot of you are talking about. Some people live to go to the movies. For me the movies are a comfortable seat in a dark place where for a couple of hours I have to endure another person's problems. I know I am a cynical S.O.B.

I don't dislike movies, let me be clear on that. I think my problem is I feel movies and their messages too deeply. I don't want to see the guy go under in Titanic, that is too sad. I can't handle the angst of Luke using the force to blow up the death star in Star Wars. I can't help but be red faced during that scene in When Harry Met Sally.

I would like to know some of the better movies that have been made. My friend Mike told me I had to see Shawshank Redemption. I have another friend who told me Pretty Woman was a really nice movie.

Let me ask it like this, say I was heading on a trip to Australia and was going to be confined to an uncomfortable seat for a very long time. I need to know what movies would you put in my carry-on bag for that long flight? You don't have to explain why you like them, you can if you want to and from your input we will develop a list of movies that people should really see.


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