I always like to be transparent when I write articles about things that might affect your health. First, I am not a doctor and if you are wanting to lose weight you need to talk to your doctor first. Watching Dr. Oz twice a week does not count, go talk to your real doctor.

Second, I am a fat guy so I struggle just like you do when it comes to losing pounds and inches. I guess I am saying I am not an expert but, I have found a process that appears to be helping me.

When you live in South Louisiana you are going to be tempted by great food. It's what we are known for. Unfortunately we are also known for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and corrupt politicians. Some of those things we can help eliminate with simple changes in our diet. Here's the good news. I am not talking about totally eliminating foods you like from your plate but what I have found is that the order in which you eat your food  matters a lot.

Most of us don't look at our plate as starches and proteins. We look at the contents of our plate as what it really is rice, gravy, chicken, vegetables, pie, and some more rice and gravy because it's delicious.  However, studies indicate that when you eat your vegetables and proteins first then follow those choices with the starches your body actually processes the food in such a way that you feel more full longer.

Let's face it, the only way to lose weight is eat less and be more active. So this is a great way to eat less and not feel totally deprived at the dinner table.  Since I believe weight loss is as much a state of mind as it is a state of body this seems to make sense not only in theory but in my own personal practice.

So why not give it a try this week when you sit down for your meals. Try eating the chicken, fish, beef, or other proteins along with your vegetables first. Eat your breads and and starches last and see how you feel. Let me know how it goes and I will keep you up to speed on how my efforts are proceeding. I am pretty sure  we can do this together.