You've probably noticed the size of your mudbugs being larger than expected so early in this year's crawfish season. You can thank good ole mother nature for this one.

The warmer than usual winter we've been experiencing is the reason for the crawfish being so much bigger so early in the season. In January, we usually see small crawfish, but right now you'll notice medium and large crawfish on your plate.

You'll also notice several crawfish restaurants opening their doors this month as a result.

From KATC -

The bigger crop hasn't translated into lower prices that are usually seen in the later in the season after Lent. Most restaurants are still charging nearly $25 for three pounds.

Crawfish farmers are selling from $2.50 to $2.25 all the way to $1.50," said David Savoy, a member of the Louisiana Crawfish Promotion and Research Board. "A lot of that depends on the size. The big disparity is what we get per pound and what we the public has to pay."

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