I love to visit the Louisiana Tourism website,louisianatravel.com to see what's going on, and what's coming up. I ran across something that was posted around Mardi Gras, and it reminded me of how difficult it is for outsiders to speak, or even UNDERSTAND cajun words, sometimes! Check out the list below of basic essential cajun words from Minnesota writer Sarah Von Bargen, who visited our little part of the world earlier this year.

'Here are a few bits of Cajun you may hear when visiting Louisiana.'

  1. bouder [bou-deh] verb: To pout or sulk. “She boude’d all night because he stood her up.”
  2. envie [ahn-vee] noun: A longing or hunger to do or eat something. Other Southerners might use the word ‘hankering’ where a Cajun would use ‘envie.’ “I’ve got an envie for some boudin.”
  3. gris gris [gree-gree] noun: To put a curse on someone. Frequently used in jest, not in reference to actual black magic. “Grandma got so mad when I ate her pie, she put a gris gris on me.”
  4. fais do do [faydoe doe] expression: A Cajun dance party. (Also an expression adults use when they want children to go to sleep.)  “Will we see you at the fais do do?”

And BTW, Ms Von Bargen, you are welcome to come back and visit us here in the great state of Louisiana ANY TIME!