Aaron Watson is all about his family -- including within his music career. His wife and kids are sounding boards for new ideas; in fact, his daughter, Jolee Kate, is the one who picked his newest single, "Kiss That Girl Goodbye."

"I think kids have the best taste in music. I don't think they're jaded by the world or experiences," Watson told The Boot on the red carpet at the 2019 ACM Awards. "I think they hear it and they like it. It's just a sweet, simple, 'Oh, I like that song, it makes me feel good.'"

"Kiss That Girl Goodbye" is the first single from Watson's forthcoming new album, Red Bandana. Watson wrote the song late one night after a show, after meeting a fan who had been stood up on a date; on Twitter when he released the track, he noted that Jolee Kate "says it has GIRL POWER!"

"She loved it, and she always gets her way, and she's always right, like her mother. She's always right, so a smart man just does what he is told," Watson adds to The Boot, "so I love that she loves the song, and, honestly, it brings me joy every night singing it onstage knowing that this is my baby girl's song that she loves. So that makes me happy."

Together, Watson and his wife Kimberly are the parents of two sons and two daughters. There's Jack and Jacob in addition to Jolee Kate, as well as the late Julia Grace, the couple's fourth child who died hours after she was born due to complications from the chromosomal abnormality Trisomy 18.

To announce the release of "Kiss That Girl Goodbye" in early January, Watson shared a short video of himself and Jolee Kate singing along to the song. Red Bandana is due out on June 21.

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