Americans love controversy. Americans love beer. I am going out on a limb to say that we are going to love a controversy that involves beer. Oddly enough this feud of foam started last Sunday during the Superbowl. That is when brewing giant Budweiser took a pointed jab at the craft beer industry. The people who brew Abita Beer took that jab personally and have now fired back with a response to Budweiser's advertisement.

Abita President David Blossman told the Louisiana Radio Network that the giant beer maker's insinuation that craft beer drinkers were snobs was not a fair or accurate portrayal of his company's clientele. He said craft beer drinkers are like other beer drinkers, they just have different tastes.

"People enjoy it to enhance their experiences with food or tailgating or whatever. We're part of the culture and it's kind of an assault on our culture to stereotype us in a certain way."

In the new Abita advertisement the commercial suggests that their beer is much more than a "dog and pony show". This is a direct jab at Budweiser's now famous Clydesdale and puppy commercial. Blossman also said that he was unsure of what the giant beer maker was speaking of when they said their beer was "brewed the hard way".

 "I can only assume that brewing with rice and corn is a cheaper product and maybe that's hard. We use barley and brewing is fun."
And in response to the poke from Bud about craft brewers enjoying "their pumpkin peach ale" Blossmon says they brewed up some of that just for fun.

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