If you were someone who grew up watching television in Lafayette during the '90s, I'm about to unlock a treasure chest full of nostalgia.

The TV memories we have from our childhood (or whatever era of life we happened to be in) during the '90s are just as tied to the commercials and advertisements as they are our favorite programs and sitcoms.

I guarantee that you can still recite at least one line from the Diesel Driving Academy commercial.

Whether it was after school, or during our favorite show in the TGIF lineup, there were some local Lafayette TV commercials that were just as entertaining as the programs we were watching. If you take a deep dive into YouTube, you can find old clips of local network television that include some of the advertisements leading in and out of the uploaded content but today I'm going to take you on a trip down memory lane.

YouTube user Nick Domingue is a Lafayette native who recently uploaded two massive supercuts of Lafayette '90s nostalgia. Each video clocks in at over 10 minutes and exclusively features television ads from the beginning and end of the 1990s, respectively.

The first video is from the year 1990—and based on the theme of the advertisements, these commercials ran during holiday season. Brother's featured Tommy Hilfiger as the hottest clothing item for Christmas.

The "Furniture Man" had Santa laying across mattresses that started at only $155! Also, who knew that binoculars were one of the hottest items on Christmas wish lists back then?

And if you planned on doing holiday shopping, The Acadiana Mall had you covered—PLUS, plenty of dining options in their Food Court. Just make sure you finished in time to get home to watch MC Hammer tear up the stage at the 1990 Billboard Music Awards.


The video from 1998 was cool for a number of different reasons. You can definitely pick up on the growth of Lafayette over the decade that was the '90s as well as the production value of the commercials.

One thing that stood out to me the most was how cheap things were back then as Winn Dixie advertised chicken breasts for 99 cents and 2 liters of soda for less than half of what a 20 oz. will cost you from your current office vending machine.

Also, how cheap were new vehicles back then?


This also seemed to be a run of commercial spots from the holiday season in 1998 as Radio Shack advertised CD players as the new technology for the whole family and the Cajuns (one year before USL become ULL) were looking forward to playing Maryland in the upcoming Independence Bowl.

Cell phones and pagers were a hot item at the Beeper Boutique in the Northgate Mall, and Trace Adkins talked about being a Chevrolet man. Speaking of Chevy, it looks like Service Chevrolet totally embraced the Ally McBeal dancing baby.

Whether these commercials made you want to take a deeper dive into Bead Magic infomercials, shed a tear over that Honey Nut Cheerios ad (or was that just me?), or go to Faulk's, go to Faulk's, go to, this is definitely the type of content that unlocked a special type of nostalgia.

Share it with your friends on social media, in your best group chats (because we didn't have those in the '90s), or whoever would be crowded around you cheering on your big win at the Rice Palace.

And if you run into any technical problems, I'm sure we can head to Cameron street and let The Computer Guy sort you out.

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