I think it is safe to say that we know how to 'throw down' here in South Louisiana. Parties have always been a way of life for us and having a good time pretty much runs in our blood. From taking a trip to the river to lighting the pit on the patio, we can bring the party anywhere.

Here's the most important question: What is the one thing you cannot go without for a party in South Louisiana? I took a Facebook survey to find out what the most popular things are. I simply asked this same question knowing I would get some awesome responses, and I sure did.

These were my results:

  • The top choices for hard liquor:
    • Malibu Rum
    • Jack Daniels
    • Crown Royal
  • The top choices for beer:
    • Bud Light (Lime)
    • Michelob Ultra
    • Coors Light
  • The top choices for food:
    • Bar-B-Que
    • Boudin
    • Jambalaya
  • The top choices for music:
    • Zydecajun
    • Classic Country
    • Our good friend Dustin Sonnier says, 'Dustin Sonnier'

There were a few other must-haves that were mentioned including jell-o shots, salsa, fruit, taco dip (or 7-layer dip) and sunscreen. I think folks hit the nail on the head with this one. You can't exactly go wrong with any of these ideas. In my opinion, because we all know how to have a good time, we could make do with just about anything we are given. As long as we have great friends and enough to drink, we are set.

So Dawgs, it is now your turn. Did we forget anything? If your important item didn't make the survey list, I want to know about it. I have vowed to make this summer the best yet and I am in need of some new ideas!