Whether it's Saturday night or Sunday night, there will be plenty of fun characters that will be taking over the streets of Acadiana for Halloween.

I don't know about y'all, but I love Halloween. I enjoy seeing all the little kids scouring neighborhoods in their cute little costumes. Some parents and children get so creative at this time of year. On Facebook, one of my friends showed a picture of some of her grandchildren and they were dressed up as the coach and some of the players from the movie, "A League of Their Own". I just think it's adorable.

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So, whether a child's costume is something scary or clever, seeing kids having fun, is just one of those great moments each year.

The only downside to Halloween, as far as I am concerned, is if I have to travel right before or after trick-or-treating hours. It makes me super nervous. If I'm not staying home to hand out candy, I like to leave a couple of hours before trick-or-treating starts, and I like to go home at least an hour after trick-or-treating is over. I always do this because I know how many parents will drive their kids through the neighborhood. And that makes sense too. It can be much easier to help your little people by following along in the car. They have a safe place to take a break, and their little legs also can get a rest.

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When I think about driving around while kids are trick-or-treating, it also makes me think of the other safety tips that Louisiana State Police has asked us to pass along.

Glow Sticks
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A big piece of advice from the law enforcement group is to remember to try to make your child as visible as possible. You should do the same if you're walking with them. It's a good idea to have reflective clothing. You can also consider bringing along a flashlight and/or some glow sticks. And what kid doesn't want a glow stick?

Pumpkin Head Man
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Some children like to wear face masks, and that's okay, but face paint is recommended by Louisiana State Police because it does offer your child more visibility. I remember the funny plastic masks I wore as a kid. They made me sweat, and I could never see through those little eye holes. Either way, make sure you consider this when your child is heading out. If your child is wearing a mask, I think you could maybe increase the size of the eyeholes by using a pair of scissors. Masks can make it more difficult to see cars coming.

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Before y'all head out to take the kids trick-or-treating, Louisiana State Police offer the tip of checking out the length of your children's costumes. I never thought about that, but that makes perfect sense. I can trip over my own two feet! I can only imagine if my costume skirt is way too long; I would likely end up in one of those full-body casts!

Haunted House Sign
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Whether you or someone else is going to escort your children to go trick-or-treating, one big thing you should talk to your kids about is why they should never go into someone's home. This goes double for getting into someone's car. On Halloween, many people might turn their garages, or even their homes, into haunted houses. Make sure your kids know not to get into a car or home without you.

Haunted House
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Sometimes to get the best Halloween loot, you might have to travel. It's something that many families do. State police suggest that you do stick to neighborhoods that you are familiar with, and it's a great idea. If you are traveling to an area that you don't live in, maybe get some advice from some of your friends and family about safe places to go. Another good idea is to look for a Trunk or Treat event in your community. For example, the Lafayette Police Department will be hosting a Trunk or Treat event on Halloween night, October 31, 2021, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Girard Park's Parking Lot at 500 Girard Park Drive.

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What about all the Trick or Treat times and dates? My buddy that works with us here, Jaycee, has the information by clicking here. There are multiple events both Saturday and Sunday, so you have plenty of chances to find safe and fun stuff for your family to take part in this weekend.

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Another safety tip from the Louisiana State Police is about walking when trick or treating. Obviously, if there is a sidewalk, you would walk on the sidewalk, but some areas don't have any. In my neighborhood, we have no sidewalks, so it's super important for families to make sure they are walking on the correct side of the roadway. When you are walking on any roadway, you always walk facing the traffic according to LSP.

Kid in Costume
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Here's one thing about safety tips that you might not think of: when you ask a young child what their mama's name is, they, most of the time, will say, "Mama". It's always a good idea to teach your child how to dial "911", to know their address and their telephone number. It's also recommended by Louisiana State Police that you even attach the information somewhere on the inside of your child's costume. It doesn't hurt to add extra phone numbers of other family members just in case your phone is on silent.

Halloween Candy
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Louisiana State Police troopers recommend that you always inspect your child's candy. It's something my parents would do each year. I know most people do this, and as my coworker Ian, points out, there is a huge upside to parents inspecting candy.........they can commandeer all the candy they like! Ha!

Please, be safe everyone!

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