Have you noticed that you're sneezing and sniffling more this August than maybe you did last April? If you're seasonal allergy sufferer then you've probably noticed a few more sneezes, a scratchy throat, some watery eyes, and that general feeling of blah that comes with springtime allergies.

But, this is the middle of Summer, why now?

It's that darn Saharan Dust again. The same dust that has been a major player in NOAA lowering their hurricane predictions is creating a storm in your sinuses. The reason? That dust isn't just dust. Included in the trans-Atlantic migration of microscopic particles is a lot of pollen.

That pollen is not usually a bother to anyone in the desert because of the dry and arid conditions but once that pollen hits some humidity, we have a lot of that, it does what pollen is supposed to do. It gets a little larger with the influx of moisture and it is looking for a place to land. Your sinuses happen to be one of those places.

Allergy specialists recommend you take similar steps now that you would take in the spring to ease your allergy symptoms. They suggest over the counter medications when used on the advice of your doctor. They also suggest washing your hands and face a little more often and keeping your indoor areas clean and as dust free as you can.

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