When you pull up to the gas pump to fill your vehicle with fuel over the next few days you will be pumping some of the cheapest gas in the nation into your tank. Industry experts say fuel prices in Louisiana are among some of the nation's lowest.

I did a quick check of the figures at GasBuddy, a fuel price watch site, and discovered that you can purchase gas in Acadiana for as little as $1.72 a gallon. In fact, that price could actually be beaten by other retailers around town as drivers in the area are enjoying another period of very inexpensive fuel.

The national average for a gallon of regular gas is listed at $2.31. That price is actually down .12 cents from last week and down a total of .66 cents compared to late October. Motorists in San Francisco are paying the highest prices for fuel handing over an astounding $3.46 for a gallon of regular.

Oil industry analysts suggest that lower than average fuel prices should continue for the next several weeks, barring any kind of international political upheaval or change in energy policy. So, while the low fuel prices might not be good for job seekers in the oil patch it is at least good for those that have to purchase fuel to drive to those job interviews.

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