You've really got to hand it to the first Acadians who decided to make a gumbo. They really hit on a great way to get full for a little money and fight back the bone-chilling cold of South Louisiana in the late fall and winter months.

This weekend you can bet the gumbo pots will be clanging and the air will be filled with great smells of chicken, sausage, and seafood. The reason? Well, one of the reasons will be the weather. It's going to be what we call cold and wet and windy and perfect for a steaming hot bowl full of seasoned chicken and andouille smothered in the great flavors of Louisiana.

Forecasters say the temperatures won't begin the plummet until later tonight. During the day to today, we can expect passing showers and thundershowers until a cold front pushes through the area late tonight. That will be the catalyst that causes the numbers on your digital thermometer to become smaller.

Friday should be the epitome of a gumbo weather day. The temperature will hold steady in the middle 50-degree range and precipitation should be plentiful and the wind will just make your bones ache from the chill.

We will get a break from the rain but not the chill on Saturday. By Sunday a significant threat of rain will return to the area but the temperatures will not be moderating. In fact, most of next week South Louisiana residents can expect fall like conditions with a lot of sunshine.


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