Here in Acadiana, Snowballs aren’t just crushed ice with flavored syrup on top. Cajuns like to put that “extra” in their snowball.  We want them stuffed with ice cream, condensed cream, fresh fruit and berries, and candy. We want toppings. We want gourmet snowballs.  We want homemade syrup that is just right. We are willing to stand in long lines for a really delicious snowball.  It's not a big deal to sit in your car and burn a tank of gas waiting in line to order a mouth-watering, cold treat in the middle of summer if the snowball is THAT good. Anywhere else in America, a snowball is usually called a snowcone and they’re shaped like a cone with a pointed top. That’s because they grind the ice. That crushed ice is heavier and crunchier, which will allow the cone to hold it's shaping. But, in Louisiana, we call them Snowballs because the ice is shaved so finely that it doesn’t hold well with the syrup on it. That's why snowballs have fluffy ice that melts in your mouth.

I made an Acadiana Snowball Hit List with some great snowball stands you need to hit this summer.  It will be fun and you’ll get to experience a few small towns you may not go to often. These are some of my favorite snowballs in Acadiana.

Your Snowball Hit List This Summer in Acadiana

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