Travelers to the Caribbean now have something else to pack in their luggage besides sunscreen. It's something that most of us keep close at hand all summer long in South Louisiana, it's mosquito repellant. A new virus that appears to have its roots in the bites of mosquitoes that live in the Caribbean are now a legitimate concern for the Centers for Disease Control.

The CDC says that chikungunya a virus that has been confined to the Caribbean countries has now made it's presence felt in the United States. The symptoms of the virus are joint pain and fever to name a few. There is currently no vaccine or medicine to prevent chikungunya. Travelers can protect themselves by preventing mosquito bites.

The name chikungunya which is derived from an East African word that means "that which bends". Has been reported in many southern states. Most prevalent among those states if Florida. While there have been no travel warnings issued for vacationers who might be headed to the Caribbean it is suggested that mosquito repellant be included in the travelers medicinal kit. It is also suggest that standard mosquito avoidance procedures be followed as well.

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