Did you notice anything strange in the sky a few Saturdays ago? One Lafayette woman says she was "scared to death" when she saw "cigar-shaped objects the size of missiles" in the sky and wants to know if you noticed anything too.

The woman sent us an email explaining her experience and wanted to remain anonymous.

She says her encounter happened Saturday, September 21st at the intersection of Camillia and Settlers Trace. She noticed two cigar-shaped gray objects traveling in the sky. She says she rolled down her window to get a better look and noticed they were completely silent. Interesting that made no noise being that they were close enough for her to see the color of the objects. In her estimation, they were approximately 1,000 feet in the air.

As you'll see in her email below, this encounter rattled her so much she called the city police, state police,  Air Traffic Control, the Lafayette Regional Airport and even Homeland Security trying to find answers.

Below is her story as emailed to us. What she and I would love to know is if you recall seeing anything strange in the sky a couple of Saturdays ago. Let us know!

Good morning,

I have debated whether to come forward with what I saw until now.  I  saw something a couple of Saturdays ago in the sky… I was on my way to work on Camellia Blvd near Settlers Trace and looked up in the sky and saw to 'cigar-shaped' objects.  I rolled down my window and there was no sound!  These objects were the size of missiles, gray in color, about 1,000 feet in the air, moving northerly very slowly and in complete sequence with each other. There were “NO” wings….. I then in disbelief pulled over and called the local City Police and asked them if they’d had any reports of these objects;   I also called the State Police and both replied “no”.  I obtained the Air Traffic Control number from the Lafayette Regional Airport and tried calling them for 3hrs and the line remained busy.  Please know I am not a nut case!!  Tthis scared me to death…..I’d like to know if any of your other listeners have seen this also and have contacted you?


After composing myself, I called Homeland Security and spoke to a woman.  I told her what I saw and gave her Air Traffic Controls phone number.  She called me back within ten minutes and said she’d spoken to  Air Traffic Control and they claimed these were dummy missiles being tested.  I felt number one she would have never relayed that information to me and decided this, in essence, was a completely bogus reply.


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